The 5 most expensive Non Fungible Tokens ever sold

The 5 most expensive Non Fungible Tokens (NFT) ever sold

NFT enthusiasts see enormous potential in the Ethereum (ETH) NFT space. Critics, on the other hand, believe that the NFT market is overvalued and that the hype surrounding non-fungible tokens is nothing but hot air. Nevertheless, NFTs are already being traded for enormous sums – today we take a look at the five most expensive non-fungible tokens.

Those who include the shares or bonds of particularly ecological, social and ethical companies in their portfolio can have a targeted impact on the Bitcoin Evolution environment and society and at the same time take advantage of yield opportunities.

With such NFTs, investors in the Ethereum Decentralised Finance (DeFi) sector can comprehensively hedge against risks. The 5000.0 ETH-Cover NFT in fact provides the owner with insurance against smart contract errors on in the amount of 5000 Ethereum. While most people associate NFT mainly with tokenised works of art or other collectibles, yInsure.Finance has heralded a new NFT era. In the future, NFTs could be an interesting way to insure against all kinds of risks in the crypto world. However, the NFT 5000.0 ETH cover has already expired and currently no longer fulfils an insurance function.

4th NFT artwork Moon for 400 ETH

Only a few days ago, the artwork „Moon“ was placed in the top five most expensive NFTs. The painting is tradable on the NFT marketplace Rarible.

The anonymous artist C5EC8D created the NFT on 29 November 2020 and received 400 Ethereum in a Rarible auction, which is worth more than 230,000 US dollars according to the current ETH exchange rate. Rarible is an NFT marketplace that specialises in artists. Therefore the platform already offers thousands of artists and collectors an environment where they can create and trade unchangeable works of art.

3. F1 Delta Time 1-1-1 for 415,9 ETH

1-1-1 is the first NFT car to release F1 Delta Time. It is an official limited edition, of which there is only one worldwide. For those who love Formula 1, this is a real treat.

F1 Delta Time a game based on the Ethereum block chain. The game is about collecting and swapping unique F1 cars, accessories and drivers.
2nd Decentraland: Digital plot for 425 ETH

Decentraland’s World is a virtual platform based on the Ethereum block chain that allows users to purchase within a virtual world using the MANA Coin NFT.

Decentraland has a limited and accessible virtual 3D room called LAND.


This is a non-fungible digital asset (NFT) secured by Ethereum’s Smart Contract. In addition, an NFT-LAND owner in Decentraland fully owns his virtual land and decides alone what happens to it. A plot of land from Decentraland, called „12600 m2 lot“, has already been sold for the equivalent of more than 250,000 US dollars.
1st CryptoKitty Dragon for 600 ETH

CryptoKitty Dragon is currently the most expensive NFT in the world. This cute electronic tomcat last cost about 600 ETH or the equivalent of 270,000 US dollars.


CryptoKitties is probably the best known blockchain game from Ethereum. It is the world’s first digital cat collection game based on blockchain technology. Players can crossbreed their cats, with the new CryptoKitties randomly inheriting the 256 genes of their parents. Each digital cat is therefore unique and exists only once on the Ethereum block chain.